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Terms and conditions for Gold Membership Plan

Auto-billed monthly based on the date you first purchase the plan. Not valid for WERKshops or Performance Squad. Non-transferable (your friend can’t come using your membership!) and non-refundable (sorry not sorry!) If you want to cancel after the initial 3 months, email houston@divadancecompany.com at least 2 weeks prior to your next bill date. Terms subject to change.

IMPORTANT: Cancellations, No Shows, and Other Dirrrty Details


We know things come up (hot dates, workin' late, netflix & chillin) so we just ask that you log into your dashboard to cancel 12 hours before your class and there's no penalty (so for a 7 PM class, just cancel by 7 AM).


Late Cancels (canceling less than 12 hours before class) will be assessed a $10 late cancel fee.


No Show without Canceling - literally nothing makes us sadder than our Divas ghosting on us for class. If you no show without canceling, you'll be charged the full rate of the drop-in class. Sorry not sorry!


We don't offer refunds on any classes, passes, werkshops, performance squad, or apparel.


Please be on time for all classes - we really value YOUR time and our community's time and we know, as boss babes, that you're busy AF. We want to make sure we start and end class on time so you can get back to doing-all-the-things - so, don't be tardy to the party or you may be marked as a no show.


At the end of every class, it's your turn to take the "stage" and perform the routine for your fellow squad members. Know that we do post these in our private Facebook group and might occasionally post the photos or videos on our Instagram or other social media. If that makes you feel anything less than 100, you can definitely opt-out. No judgement or shaming on our end!


Building confidence and community is our top priority at DivaDance. If at any time your words or actions aren't supporting those values within our community, we reserve the right to say "boy, bye."